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When I say ‘you are ugly, you are stupid’ to someone online, it’s sooo not the same as saying it in person

  1. Of course, the world online is not really real. It doesn’t matter what you say
  2. Naah. Its real people and real lives out there. It hurts no matter where it is said
2 is correct answer. The world online is still real

I am being digitally bullied when (choose as many as you think are correct)

  1. I’ve received nasty or threatening text messages and calls
  2. Someone publishes and shares an embarrassing image or video of me online without permission
  3. A fellow gamer online has repeatedly abused, blocked or ignored me
all 3 are correct. In fact there are several other ways you can be bullied digitally. Recognizing it is important!

I’ve made a video of my classmate picking his nose! My friends want me to post it.

  1. It’s grossly funny…. Oh they are so pushy and it’s just a video you know, how much harm can it bring. I’ll share the fun with everyone
  2. If I were him, I would be so embarrassed to see this video going viral. We all do silly things sometimes don’t we? Friends, no! I won’t share it. In fact, I’m deleting the video
2 is correct. Use Heart when making decisions about what can affect others online. Do not succumb to peer pressure

Someone I only know online wants to meet me

  1. I should go. Its cool to make new friends and also the polite thing to do
  2. I don’t know them personally. Will take a friend with me!
2 is correct. People you meet online may not be who they say they are. Be Smart and take an adult along if you want to see them

My ex best-friend (who is sooo annoyed we are not besties anymore) is telling everyone online that I’m a loser. Everyone in my class is commenting on it. It’s a frenzy!

  1. This is so embarrassing. I feel horrible. And I can’t talk to anyone about this. My life is officially over
  2. I'll dig up one of her pictures and post it! Revenge is always sweet
  3. I should talk to someone in my family about this. I know I can confide in them.
  4. I heard about this helpline on digital bullying support. I’ll call them up.
both 3 and 4 are correct depending on your situation. Always tell someone and don’t suffer alone. It could be a teacher, parent, sibling or trusted friend. Call up a helpline if you feel you can’t talk to anyone in your family or at school (if available in your country), and remember revenge can easily backfire. With appropriate help, you can deal with a negative experience. It’s not officially over
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You are… The Guiding Light
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You are… The Informer
You are… The New Arrival
You are… The New Arrival
Ok, we’re officially impressed: you really know your stuff. You’re smart, you use heart, and now you can shine a light for others. Sharing these dos and donts is the first step.
Fact: you get this. You’ve got the smarts to avoid trouble, you’re resilient, and you treat others with respect. Keep leading by example and share these dos and donts.
Impressive. You know plenty, but there’s always more to learn. Take your know-how to the next level with these dos and donts.
Woah, where did you get all that info? This stuff comes easy to you, but we still think you can score higher. Our suggestion: check out these dos and donts, take the challenge again and share the knowledge!
Good try. You’re a little new to this stuff, and that’s cool. Once you’ve checked these dos and donts, we think you can master this quiz like a boss!
Good try. You’re a little new to this stuff, and that’s cool. Once you’ve checked these dos and donts, we think you can master this quiz like a boss!
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